Lankford, Romeo Receive Scholarships

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Last Saturday at the historic Butterworth Center in the Overlook District of Moline, IL, the Mary Little Deere-Fort Armstrong branch of the Daugthers of the American Revolution presented scholarships to Becky Lankford and Kylie Romeo on behalf of the John R. Cervantes Memorial Scholarship Fund. Becky is this year’s winner of the award and was receiving funds for use toward her freshman year of college at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Kylie was the 2012 winner and was renewing her scholarship award for her sophomore year at Luther College in Iowa.

Marylou Witherspoon, niece of John Cervantes, was in attendance at the award ceremony.

Marylou Witherspoon with Becky Lankford (2013) and Kylie Romeo (2012)
From left to right: Marylou Witherspoon, Becky Lankford (2013 winner), Kylie Romeo (2012).