My Moline

Published by John R. Cervantes in 1986, My Moline is the true story of the events that led a large Mexican family to flee the dangers of their homeland, and risk the uncertainties of illegal immigration into the United States.

After wandering around from Texas to Montana, one branch of this family succeeds in establishing a permanent home in Moline, Illinois. Here the oldest boy finds a warm, nurturing environment that makes him feel like a real, proud, and happy American.

Nevertheless, his dreams of acquiring a college education are suddenly dimmed by his father’s death, and his own status as an illegal immigrant. Fortunately, several Moliners encouraged and supported him wholeheartedly, and confirmed the author’s belief that this land always was, and hopefully will always be, the land of opportunity for all who really strive to succeed.

The Revised Edition

After being out of print for several years, My Moline has been revised and republished by the John R. Cervantes Memorial Scholarship Fund.

The revised edition is available for purchase on Amazon.

One-hundred percent of the royalties from the sale of this revised edition will help fund the scholarship named in the author’s memory.

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Map of Key Locations in My Moline